The most intriguing aspect of a human being is the human consciousness, the ability to connect with one’s higher self, or what is also defined as the human ‘soul’. For what makes us who we really are and the understanding of where we’re from. Every human being has its own ‘daimon’ the higher part of man’s spirit that which is capable of becoming one with the universal spirit, a voice from within which we all possess. Once we connect with our higher self we begin to understand who we are and create an identity that is true to our self and we start behaving and dressing a certain way that makes each and every one of us unique. The soul is the cause or the source of the living body, the movement of growth and decay in all living things.


But what connection has the soul to the body? “Some hold that the soul is divisible, and that one part thinks, another desires. If, then, its nature admits of its being divided, what can it be that holds the parts together? Surely not the body; on the contrary it seems rather to be the soul that holds the body together; at any rate when the soul departs the body disintegrates and decays.” – De Anima, Aristotle.


The soul remains among the living, while disembodied at death. That is how the soul of a deceased can still manifest in the physical world and reincarnate. I believe that the soul is an intangible heritage, meaning that it will always exist after the body decays. We pass down our legacy, inheritance and that is what makes us a ‘being’. The soul, our heritage, which we inherit at birth.



the concept of this collection is about psychological torture. torturing the mind by secluding yourself from the society. alsmost like a prisoner who's put into solitary confinement, here you are confined between the walls you create within your own mind. in ancient Greek philosophy 'Misanthropy' has been connected to isolation in human society. 

As Socrates describes in Plato's Phaedo; "Misanthropy comes when a man without knowledge or skill has placed great trust in someone and believed him to be altogether truthful, sound and trustworthy; then, a short time afterward he finds him to be wicked and unreliable, and then this happens in another case; when one has frequently had that experience, especially with those whom one believed to be one's closest friends, then, in the end, after many such blows, one comes to hate all men and to believe that no one is sound in any way at all" 


This collection is all about growth and development. It's about the whole process of making clothing or art, you're constantly developing and creating new things. And I like how things change and form in to something.

Mitosis is a process by which a cell duplicates into two identical cells and that's what inspired me to create this collection. And the symmetry which indicates the two identical cells.